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Avant machines offer modern technology for a new era. They are flexible, articulated multi-purpose loaders with a telescopic boom for higher reach. Our small but powerful equipment is easy to operate without damaging grass or other delicate surfaces. Articulated design with quality workmanship and components provide a low maintenance and long lifetime solution for many years.

Avant Articulated Compact Loaders with 100+ attachments are:

Versatile – One machine for all jobs
Maneuverable – Compact size machine
Minimal Turf Impact – Lightweight articulated design
Powerful – Excellent power to weight ratio
Economical – Low operating and maintenance costs
Ergonomic – Side entry, 360 degree visibility
Practical – Easy to operate with telescopic boom

Avant Insight
Avant’s All in One concept offers 4 different model series and over 100 attachments to choose the right solution for your landscaping needs be it construction, repair or maintenance.

Use the Avant 420 for smaller jobs or the 528, 635 and even the 760 as your projects get larger.

Use the bucket, backhoe, auger, and leveler or harrow to create or fix your dream landscape. Keep it beautiful with Avant mowers.