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2008 Kubota RTV900 General Purpose


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RTV900 General Purpose


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Up for sale is a Kubota RTV900 that has hydraulic dump and power steering. It has a 21 hp Kubota diesel engine with a hydrostatic transmission. It has a new radiator, stop solenoid and fuel guage. It was built in 2008 but was sold new on 11/30/2009.


It works hard and plays hard. A utility vehicle that's found the perfect balance in life. Power to work. Power to play. It's this amazing balance that enables the rugged RTV900 General Purpose to perform like no other utility vehicle. Equipped with features such as Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT), spacious cargo bed, and powerful hauling capacity, it puts in a full day and then some. When you're ready for fun, its robust diesel engine, advanced suspension, and ample ground clearance allow you to cruise over challenging terrain to let you escape.

  • RELIABLE WET BRAKES: Taking on a hilly terrain requires reliable braking. With our fully-sealed, Wet-type disc brake, you'll stop quickly and effortlessly. Plus, its durability means no drop in performance due to wear.
  • SPEEDOMETER: An easy-to-read speedometer. (Optional)
  • AMPLE GROUND CLEARANCE: With 7.4 inches of go-anywhere clearance, the RTV900 can cruise over rough and uneven terrain. For a stable and comfortable ride, it has a long wheelbase and a wide stance.
  • OSHA STANDARD ROLL OVER PROTECTION SYSTEM: The combined use of the seat belts and the standard Roll Over Protection System can help protect the driver and passenger in the unlikely event of rollover.
  • HYDRAULIC UTILITY VALVE: Break concrete, cut trees, drive posts, pump liquids and more by simply snapping on any of eight optional heavy duty hydraulic tools. Standard on all Worksite Utility and Turf Utility models.
  • 3-RANGE DURABLE HYDRO TRANSMISSION: The Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT) is designed using some of the same technology and components that go into our tractor and heavy equipment transmissions. The VHT provides performance that is unmatched when climbing, pulling and braking on hills.
  • HYDRAULIC POWER STEERING: The RTV900 is the first in its class to be equipped with a responsive, fatigue-reducing, Fully-hydraulic power steering.
  • RETRACTABLE SEATBELT: The RTV900's retractable seatbelt is easy to fasten and has an anti-cinch mechanism that detects excess shock or a collision and compensates accordingly to help keep you safe.
  • POWERFUL DIESEL ENGINE: While carrying a heavy load, the robust, 21.6 HP, 3-cylinder, water-cooled Kubota D902 diesel engine can still power you in, over, and through even rugged, off-road terrain. Kubota diesel engines are very fuel efficient and burn up to 1/3 less fuel then equivalent gas engine. (Meets EPA standards.)
  • USER-FRIENDLY TAILGATE LOCK: You've got your hands full. The last thing you want to deal with is a complicated tailgate lock. Problem solved with the RTV900. It has a unique lock mechanism which allows it to open and close with a single touch.
  • DELUXE BENCH SEAT: To ensure the utmost driver/passenger comfort, the RTV900's contoured seat is generously padded and can easily accommodate two large adults. Dual safety belts and side grab rails offer extra protection.
  • ADVANCED SUSPENSION: By combining a fully independent suspension up front with a semi-independent suspension in the rear, the RTV900 delivers a smooth ride, plus incredible traction by keeping its wheels on the ground.
  • QUICK-READ DASH PANEL: To help keep your eyes on the road, the instrument panel's convenient layout lets you monitor vital operating conditions in an instant. Monitor lamps include oil level, charge status, and more. Speedometer optional.
  • HEAVY DUTY WORKSITE TIRES: 25 x 10-12, 6 Ply Tire. Asphalt, concrete, hard packed surfaces, good all around tire. (Standard on the Worksite and Worksite Utility models. (Optional)
  • KNOBBY TIRES: 25 x 10-12, 6 Ply tire. Hard packed surfaces, wet turf, and general usage.
  • TURF TIRES: 25 x 12-12, 6 Ply front. Turf, grass, concrete, best used on sports fields. (Optional)
  • Engine Make: KUBOTA D902-E-UV
  • Engine Type: 3 cylinders, 4-cycle, diesel, OHV
  • Displacement: 54.8 cu. in. (898 cc)
  • Horsepower: 21.6 hp (16.1 kw) @ 3200
  • Fuel tank capacity: 7.4 gal. (28 l)
  • Transmission: Variable hydro transmission (VHT)
  • Max. traveling speed: 25 mph (40 km/h)
  • Wheels, drive system: 4, 4WD w/2WD selection
  • Differential lock: Standard; foot operated with mechanical holder
  • Gear selection: Hi-Med-Lo range forward, neutral, reverse
  • Front Brakes: Wet-disc brake
  • Rear Brakes: Wet-disc brake
  • Parking Brake: Rear wheel, hand lever
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power
  • Front Suspension: Independent, Mac-Pherson strut-type
  • Rear Suspension: Semi-independent, DeDion axel w/leaf springs and shock absorbers
  • Length: 117.7 in. (2990 mm)
  • Width: 59.8 in. (1520 mm)
  • Height, overall: 79.3 in. (2015 mm)
  • Front tread centers: 45.3 in. (1150 mm)
  • Rear tread centers: 46.5 in. (1180 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 77.4 in. (1965 mm)
  • Ground clearance-front axle: 8.3 in. (210 mm)
  • Ground clearance-rear axle: 7.5 in. (190 mm)
  • Turning diameter: 25.6 in. (7.8 mm)
  • Max. rolling weight (Towing capability): 1300 lbs. (590 kg)
  • Payload capacity: 1653 lbs. (750 kg)
  • Weight: 1863 lbs. (845 kg)
  • Cargo Bed Width: 52 in. (1320 mm)
  • Cargo Bed Length: 46.7 in. (1180 mm)
  • Cargo Bed Depth: 11.4 in. (290 mm)
  • Cargo Bed Volume: 16 cu. ft. (0.455 m3)
  • Bed Height (Unloaded): 31.5 in. (800 mm)
  • Cargo bed loaded: 1102 lbs. (500 kg)
  • Sound level, operator ear: 87 dBa @ Max. engine speed w/ no load
  • Front Tire Options: 25x10-12 Knobby, 6PLY; Optional: 25x10-12 HDWS, 6PLY; 25x12-12 Turf, 6PLY
  • Rear Tire Options: 25x10-12 Knobby, 6PLY; Optional: 25x10-12 HDWS, 6PLY; 25x12-12 Turf, 6PLY
  • Body color: Orange
  • Speedometer: Optional
  • V6200 Breaker: Application: Light concrete or asphalt breaking or scoring, small rock reaking, rod driving, tamping. Bit size: 1 x 4-1/4 in. hex shank bits
  • V6210 Chainsaw: Application: Wood cutting - trees, limbs, timbers, utility poles, wood structures. Bar length: 12 in. bar
  • V6220 Pole Chainsaw: Application: Tree trimming. Bar length: 12 in. Overall length: 74 in.
  • V6230 Diamond Chainsaw: Application: Cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, conduit, brick, stone and other masonry. Bar length: 13 in. bar
  • V6260 Earth Auger: Application: Earth boring for posts and poles. Max. auger size: 8 in. diameter x 42 in. length
  • V6270 Post Driver: Application: Drives a variety of shapes and sizes of posts. Post types: U-channel posts, square posts, round posts, delineators
  • V6280 Pruner: Application: Tree trimming. Cutting capacity: 2.25 in. Overall length: 84.25 in.
  • V6290 Sump Pump: Application: Pumping liquids. Capacity: 250 gpm, 3 in. camlock
  • Deluxe Hard Cab w/Overhead Console, V4210 (Optional wipers, work lights and strobe light.)
  • Deluxe Hard Cab w/Overhead Console, V4220 (Camo) (Optional wipers, work lights and strobe light.)
  • Steel Cab w/Steel Doors and Windshield, V4211 (Optional wipers, work lights and strobe light.)
  • Soft Cab w/Soft Doors and windshield, V4212A
  • Camo Soft Cab w/Soft Doors and windshield, V4262 (V4263 Camo Slipcover sold separately)
  • Golf Cage, V4213
  • Cab Heater, V4214A
  • Windshield Wiper Kit (for cab or windshield), V4267 (driver side)/V4215 (Passenger side)
  • Glass Windshield, V4216
  • Metal Top (FOPS), V4217
  • Black Plastic Top, V4221
  • Clear Plastic Windshield, V4268
  • Tinted Plastic Windshield, V4269
  • Camo Doors Covers for Hard Cab, V4261
  • Camo Steel Cab, V4275
  • 72" Front Blade, V4208 (V4207 Angle Kit sold separately)
  • Strobe Light (for cab/cage/metal top), V4218
  • Front Heavy Load Spring, V4219
  • Front Work Light (for Plastic Top/ROPS), V4222
  • Rear Work Light (for Plastic Top/ROPS), V4223
  • Work Light (for Cab/Metal Top/Golf Cage), V4239
  • Front Trailer Hitch & Pin (Hitchball not included), V4224 (Drop Hitch)/V4245 (Straight Hitch)
  • Rear Trailer Hitch & Pin (Hitchball not included), V4228 (Drop Hitch)/V4249 (Straight Hitch)
  • Front Guard (for RTV9000G), V4225
  • High Mount Air Cleaner Kit, V4271 (ROPS Models)
  • High Mount Air Cleaner Kit, V4272 (Cab Models)
  • High Mount Air Cleaner Kit Cab conversion kit, V4273
  • Engine Hand Throttle Kit, V4241
  • Tail Lamp Guard, V4227
  • Bed Liner, V4229
  • Headrest, V4231
  • Backup Beeper, V4232
  • Speedmeter, V4233
  • Glove Box, V4234
  • Front Accessory Box, V4235
  • Front Mud Guards, V4236
  • Turn Signal/Hazard Kit, V4237
  • Console Kit (for steel or soft cab), V4238
  • Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit, V4242
  • Vehicle Cover, V4264A
  • Camo, Vehicle cover, V4265A
  • Warn Witch Kit (w/remote), V4253A
  • Rear Mirror Kit, V4266
  • Camo Strong Cover, V4265



Engine Type
3 cylinders, 4-cycle, diesel, OHV
54.8 cu. in. (898 cc)


Front Suspension
Independent, Mac-Pherson strut-type
Front Brakes
Wet-disc brake
Front Tire
25x10-12 Knobby, 6PLY; Optional: 25x10-12 HDWS, 6PLY; 25x12-12 Turf, 6PLY
Rear Suspension
Semi-independent, DeDion axel w/leaf springs and shock absorbers
Rear Brakes
Wet-disc brake
Rear Tire
25x10-12 Knobby, 6PLY; Optional: 25x10-12 HDWS, 6PLY; 25x12-12 Turf, 6PLY


Ground Clearance
Ground clearance-front axle: 8.3 in. (210 mm); Ground clearance-rear axle: 7.5 in. (190 mm)
77.4 in. (1965 mm)
Box Capacity
Cargo Bed Volume: 16 cu. ft. (0.455 m3); Cargo bed loaded: 1102 lbs. (500 kg)
Towing Capacity
1300 lbs. (590 kg)
Dry Weight
1863 lbs. (845 kg)
Fuel Capacity
7.4 gal. (28 l)


Variable hydro transmission (VHT)
Drive System
4, 4WD w/2WD selection