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2009 New Holland Agriculture Boomer 3045/T2320


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New Holland Agriculture
Boomer 3045/T2320


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Up for sale is a NEW HOLLAND Boomer 3045 compact tractor with loader. Soft cab, 45 HP, 4x4, gear drive with shuttle shift. This is a nice running New Holland. Ready to get to work for you NOW!
Take advantage of a GREAT buy for your property!

We ship all over the US, call us or message us for shipping quotes. I will need a zip code, as well as whether its going to a business, or residential address.

Pa residents and units picked up here will be charged 6% Pa sales tax.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer them.

Nolts Power Equipment LLC, is a family owned business, and has been in business since 1989. Give us a call or email us about our other used or new equipment. We have a wide variety of new and used lawn equipment including Kioti compact tractors, and Avant loaders.

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Meet the Boomer™ family

Exceptional power, maneuverability and operating ease make Boomer™ compact tractors the ultimate choice for homeowners, part-time farmers, landscapers, golf courses and municipalities.

New! T1110 Boomer Compact Tractor

The new 28-hp T1110 gives you the convenience of a larger tractor with the right amount of power and comfort to get the job done!

The two-range hydrostatic transmission, with two separate direction pedals, makes it easy for any operator to feel comfortable and in control.

The three-point hitch lift capacity is an impressive 1,000 lbs at 24 inches behind the link ends.

2,200-rpm mid PTO and 540-rpm rear PTO make it easy to use many New Holland implements.

Standard foldable ROPS allows you to work under low overhangs.

Optional Sensitrak™ automatically engages or disengages front-wheel drive for better fuel efficiency, increased pulling power, and less turf damage.

You name it. Boomer does it. Whether you use your Boomer tractor to maintain a few acres or you depend on it to make a living, you'll appreciate how Boomer saves you time and money. And that makes Boomer the ultimate value.

A factory-installed SuperSuite™ cab, available on the Boomer 3040, Boomer 3045, T2310 and T2320 takes your comfort to a new level. This cab features a high-visibility roof panel so you can see the loader through its full range of operation.

The sloped Boomer hood and the new matching curved-boom loaders not only look great, but they also provide visbility that's best-in-class. High-impact polymer panels feature a paint finish that's better than what you'll find in most auto showrooms.

The Boomer lighting package is the best in the business, illuminating your work area to both front and side. Four powerful halogen headlights brighten your path, and their high-mount location ensures superior lighting even when using front mounted attachments. Boomer lighting is yet another example of how New Holland engineers combine style and function.

540-rpm rear PTO is standard equipment on all Boomer models.

The exclusive SuperSteer™ front-wheel drive axle gives Boomer the tightest turnaround diameter on the market-up to 50% smaller than other compacts. Yet, the Sensitrak™ system automatically engages and disengages four-wheel drive and ensures that Boomer goes easy on your turf.

Add a 200TL Series loader to your Boomer compact tractor for outstanding lift capacity and unmatched visibility to the bucket. The Quick Mount system lets you attach the loader in minutes and take it off just as fast-without tools. And you don't have to drive "straight only" to mount the loader. The loader towers have ramps that allow the loader arms to slide right into place without the use of hydraulics.

A wide selection of hard-working implements helps your Boomer earn its keep every day. Whether you need to load mulch, mow the lawn, clear a pasture, dig a trench, till the garden, blow snow, clean stalls or install a fence, Boomer is for you. These tractors make changing implements easy, so you can move quickly from job to job.

The front Quick-Attach sub-frame system allows you to quickly change between front-mounted implements like front blade, snow blower and broom.

Choose tires to match your needs-agricultural, industrial or turf. Galaxy "Turf Special" tires are also available from the factory for special turf applications on most models.

Extended powertrain warranty puts Boomer at the head of the pack. This means you get an extra twelve months of powertrain coverage beyond Boomer's standard full-vehicle 24-month warranty at no extra charge.


Put a Boomer™ compact tractor through its paces and you'll discover what thousands of

New Holland customers already know-you can't beat a Boomer for reliable power and performance.

Smooth lugging power and heavy-duty internal components are integral to proven three- and four- cylinder Boomer diesel engines.

A quick heating glow plug allows for fast starts in cold weather.

The heavy-duty battery provides plenty of cranking power and is located in front of the radiator for easy access.

Powerful 40-amp alternator (55-amp on SuperSuite™ cab models) provides superior charging and the ability to handle extra electrical accessories.

Drivetrain Efficiency - What You Need to Know

Drivetrain efficiency is the ratio of gross engine horsepower transferred to the power-take-off (PTO) divided by gross engine horsepower. This ratio is important to understand because most tractor applications, like finish mowing, rotary tilling, snow blowing, posthole digging, and rotary cutting, rely on the rear or mid PTO to get the job done.

Boomer compact tractors are designed with drivetrain components that provide maximum PTO horsepower and durability and minimize engine power loss. Take a look at the chart on the right, and notice how the Boomer stacks up against the competition.

When shopping for a compact tractor, remember to compare models with similar PTO horsepower. A more efficient drivetrain provides increased power to implements-and that makes you more productive.


Boomer™ gives you transmission choices! Select from an effortless hydrostatic transmission, a 12 x 12 synchronized shuttle shift transmission and an economical 9 x 3 mechanical transmission.

Hydrostatic Transmission - (not available on the Boomer 3050 or T2330 )

For the ultimate in smooth, easy operation, you can't get any better than a Boomer hydrostatic transmission. It allows you to adjust speed and change from forward to reverse with foot pedals. There's no need to use a clutch or shift levers.

Cruise control is a convenience you'll appreciate when mowing large areas. It allows you to maintain a set speed for extended periods without keeping your foot on the foot pedal. Cruise control disengages automatically when you step on both brakes.

Exclusive, state-of-the-art DualPower™ powershift control is provided on the right-hand console and the loader joystick lever of the Boomer 3040, Boomer 3045, T2310 and T2320. It doubles your speed choices by providing a "High" and "Low" shift at any speed in either range. Press the "tortoise" button to downshift on-the-go when you need extra power, like when pushing into a pile with a loader. Then press the "hare" button to upshift when exiting the pile or when the going gets easier. If the tractor is not equipped with a front-end loader, the dual power switch is on the console.

12 x 12 Synchronized Shuttle Shift (SSS) - (Boomer 3040, Boomer 3045, Boomer 3050, T2310, T2320 and T2330)

The broad selection of speeds and the ease of shuttling make the 12 x 12 SSS transmission well suited for working with a loader and other jobs like tilling and mowing. When changing directions, simply depress the clutch, but there's no need to come to a complete stop because shuttle shifts are synchronized.

12 forward and 12 reverse gears provide a broad range of speed choices-great for loader work.

The shuttle lever to the left of the steering wheel allows you to easily shift between forward and reverse without coming to a complete stop, and frees your right hand to control the loader or implement.

9 x 3 Mechanical Transmission - (Boomer 2030 and T2210)

The economical 9 x 3 transmission is ideal for applications where you ordinarily run for a long time in a single gear.

Choose from one of three ranges, then select from three forward gears and one reverse arranged in a simple "H" pattern.

Second and reverse gears are positioned inline for matched speeds and easy shuttling.


Boomer's high-capacity, live hydraulics provide power to the three-point hitch and remote valves, giving you fast implement response.

A dedicated gear pump supplies generous hydraulic flow to power a loader, backhoe or other hydraulically- operated equipment.

A separate steering pump supplies power to the hydrostatic power steering system-a flow of up to 5.1 gallons per minute (gpm) on the larger models.

Total hydraulic flow is an impressive 14.9 gpm on the largest models.

Three-point hitch lift capacity of up to 2,330 pounds allows you to choose larger, more efficient implements.

Flexible link ends, telescoping stabilizers, swinging drawbar and a crank-style leveling adjustment are standard equipment, making it easy for one person to hook up to implements.

An adjustable stop on the control lever allows you to return the three-point hitch to a preset position for consistent, level plowing or grading.

SuperSteer™ FWD Axle

Cut the wheel on a Boomer™ equipped with the patented, award-winning SuperSteer™ FWD axle option and you get the tightest turnaround diameter on the market-up to 50% smaller than other compacts. You'll maneuver easily around obstacles and make extra-tight turns at the end of each pass, when mowing or grading, to complete the job more quickly and efficiently.

How SuperSteer works: The SuperSteer FWD axle articulates when the wheels turn. The inside wheel moves away from the frame, while the outside wheel moves in front of the bumper/nose of the tractor, providing more tire clearance and a greater turn angle.

The SuperSteer wheelbase is longer than conventional FWD providing a smoother more stable ride.

The unique Sensitrak™ system automatically engages FWD only when it's needed for better traction. Sensitrak senses tractive conditions and automatically shifts into front-wheel drive when extra traction is required. When extra traction is not needed, the tractor FWD disengages and operates in two-wheel drive. Sensitrak eliminates scuffing of turf in mowing applications, especially in turning, reduces wear and tear on front tires, and as a result, decreases driveline wrap-up and increases the life of driveline components. Sensitrak also lets you use FWD full time when the job demands it. You don't have to think about when you need to shift into four wheel drive. The tractor decides for you. "Sensitrak: Set it and forget it."

Operator Platform

Boomers are slick-looking tractors that are just as slick to operate. Drive a Boomer™ compact tractor and you'll notice a big difference compared to other tractors. The logical control placement and clean, open Boomer operator platform help you get each job done more quickly and efficiently, and with less fatigue. And, Boomer compact tractors adjust to suit operators of all sizes, so it will easily become everyone's favorite tractor.

Large, uncluttered platform offers plenty of legroom, even with a hydraulic joystick for the front end loader, so climbing on an off a Boomer is not an exercise like on other tractors.

The sloped hood provides excellent forward visibility from the tractor seat.

Controls are easy to identify and understand. And they are "intuitive," which means that levers, buttons and handles are always right where you expect them to be. No stretching, no reaching…no hassles.

Contoured fenders to your right and left hold the controls for transmission, PTO and three-point hitch. They come naturally to your hand in a relaxed position.

Controls are clearly color-coded and embossed with their function so you can be confident of your every move.

The Accommodator™ seat (Boomer 2030, Boomer 2035, Boomer 3040, Boomer 3045, T2210, T2220, T2310, T2320 hydrostatic models) slides on an inclined/declined track to put you in the perfect position to achieve the best visibility and reach controls easily. It also features three inches of vertical suspension and swivels 20 degrees left or right (five positions) to make it easy to view your work or the implement behind you.

Hydrostatic power steering is standard equipment and provides excellent steering response with little effort.

Tilt and telescoping steering wheel (Boomer 2030, Boomer 2035, Boomer 3040, Boomer 3045, T2210, T2220, T2310, T2320 hydrostatic models) has infinite settings that allow you to adjust the wheel to suit you perfectly.

Instruments and gauges on the Boomer automotive-style dashboard are easy to see and easy to read.

Safety-start system includes an operator presence switch under the seat. If you leave the seat, the tractor automatically shuts itself off.

Differential lock foot pedal allows you to lock both rear wheels together for better traction when required in slippery conditions.

A standard auxiliary power outlet (hydrostatic models only) provides a convenient power source for cell phone, cooler or anything requiring twelve-volt power that you want to bring with you.

A toolbox is standard on hydrostatic models and optional on gear models.

SuperSuite™ Cab (available on the Boomer 3040, Boomer 3045, T2310 and T2320)

The SuperSuite™ cab's innovative design provides the most comfortable environment available in a compact tractor cab, keeping the operator protected from weather and removed from dust and noise. The cab's unique roof profile also keeps the overall height low, so the tractor can clear an eight-foot opening.

All-direction visibility is outstanding and can't be matched in any other compact tractor cab.

A standard high-visibility roof panel allows you to see the loader through a full range of operation for increased productivity.

60 cubic feet of interior space provides a roomy work area. Hip, leg and head room is generous.

A wide 16.5-inch entry threshold and two large doors, with grab rails and gas strut assist, make it easy to enter and exit.

A deluxe cloth-covered seat with weight adjustable suspension and swivel lets any operator find the perfect position.

A long list of standard features makes the SuperSuite cab the best value:

Heating and air conditioning

Radio-ready with antenna and speakers

Dual external and interior rearview mirrors

Front and rear cab-mounted work lights

Front windshield washer/wiper

Rear-opening window

Tilt and telescopic steering column

Two-pedal controls for hydrostatic transmission

Suspended brake pedals

Accessory power socket

Cloth covered headliner

Adjustable sun visor

Single cab air filter


Left and right side steps

Removable plug in rear of cab to route harness

Cruise control

Cup holder


Cell phone clip

Optional equipment:

Rear window wiper and washer kit

Beacon light and mounting kit

High visibility panel guard for cab roof

  • Gross engine: 45 HP (33.6 kW)
  • Gear transmission: 39.6 HP (29.6 kW)
  • Hydrostatic transmission: 37.8 HP (28.2 kW)
  • Rated speed: 2,600 rpm
  • Cylinders: 4-cylinder
  • Displacement: 135.2 cu. in. (2.2 l)
  • Alternator: 40 amp (55 amp w/cab)
  • Fuel capacity: 13 gal. (49.2 l)
  • 12 x 12 SSS transmission: Standard
  • Min. / Max. forward speed with R4 tires: .96 mph - 14.26 mph (1.55 - 22.96 k/hr)
  • Hydrostatic transmission: 2-range w/ DualPower™
  • Min. / Max. forward speed with R4 tires: 3.52 mph - 16.78 mph (5.66 - 27.01 k/hr)
  • Brakes: Wet disc
Power Take Off (PTO)
  • Mid PTO (Hydro transmission): Optional
  • Rear PTO type: Independent
  • Rear PTO clutch type: Wet disc
  • Type: Open center
  • Pump capacity @ rated speed: 9.8 gpm (37.1 l/min.)
  • Power steering pump @ rated speed: 5.1 gpm (19.4 l/min.)
  • 3-point hitch lift capacity 24 in. behind the lift balls: 2,330 lbs. (1,057 kg)
Axle Options
  • 2WD (gear): Optional
  • FWD: Standard
  • SuperSteer™ FWD w/Sensitrak™ Auto FWD (Hydro): Optional
  • Wheelbase: 73.5 in. (1867mm)
  • Wheelbase w/SuperSteer: 81.0 in. (2057mm) w/hydro transmission
  • Overall length w/3-point horizontal: 125.2 in. (3180mm)
  • Overall length w/SuperSteer: 129.5 in. (3289mm) w/hydro transmission
  • Overall minimum width (Ag tires): 66.6 in. (1692mm)
  • Overall height with ROPS: 95 in. (2413mm)
  • Overall height to top of cab (tractor w/R4 tires): 90.1 in. (2288mm)
Vehicle Weight
  • Gear FWD, (tractor w/R4 tires): 3,497 lbs. (1,586 kg)
  • Hydro FWD, (tractor w/R4 tires): 3,565 lbs. (1,617 kg)
  • Cab FWD, (tractor w/R4 tires): 4,115 lbs. (1,866 kg)
  • Vehicle weight with loader (gear): 4,702 lbs. (2,132 kg)
  • Vehicle weight with loader (hydro): 4,770 lbs. (2,163 kg)
  • Vehicle weight with loader (cab): 5,320 lbs. (2,412 kg)
  • Vehicle weight with loader and mower (gear): 5,477 lbs. (2,483 kg)
  • Vehicle weight with loader and mower (hydro): 5,545 lbs. (2,514 kg)
  • Vehicle weight with loader and mower (cab): 6,095 lbs. (2,763 kg)
2WD Tire Options
  • Front Ag tires: 7.5 x 15 F2
  • Rear Ag tires: 14.9 x 24 R1
  • Front Turf tires: 25 x 8.5 - 14 R3
  • Rear Turf tires: 44 x 18 - 20 R3
4WD Tire Options
  • Front Ag tires: 8 x 16 R1
  • Rear Ag tires: 14.9 x 24 R1
  • Front Turf tires: 27 x 10.5 - 15 R3
  • Rear Turf tires: 44 x 18 - 20 R3
  • Front Industrial tires: 10 x 16.5 R4
  • Rear Industrial tires: 17.5L x 24 R4
  • Front Galaxy® "Turf Special" tires: 27 / 12LL x 15
  • Rear Galaxy® "Turf Special" tires: 22.5LL x 16.1



Engine Manufacturer
45 HP (33.6 kW)
39.6 HP (29.6 kW)
Rated RPM
2,600 rpm
Bore and Stroke
3.31 in. x 3.94 in. (84 x 100mm)


73.5 in. (1867mm)
95 in. (2413mm)
66.6 in. (1692mm)
ROPS: 3,476 (1577); Cab: 4,026 (1826)
Ground Clearance
13.8 in. (351mm)
Tire Size
Front: 8.0 x 16; Rear: 14.9 x 24


Fuel Capacity
13 gal. (49.2 l)
4-speed w/Dual Power
Wet Disc
Open Center
Drive Type
Spur gear