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Avant 760i



AVANT‘s long standing experience and strong emphasis on product development is clearly visible in the 700 series. The operating characteristics, power and user friendliness of the 700 will meet all your working requirements.

The unique basic construction makes AVANT an unbeatable machine in its class. All these features give better comfort, working efficiency and working quality.


Rigid articulation joint -
The rigid articulation joint which doesn’t swing sideways is a very important feature in a machine of this size. Thanks to this rigid design the risk of tipping over of the machine is essentially smaller, because the rigid articulation joint will not allow excessive sideways movements and the whole weight of the machine acts as counterweight and keeps the chassis stable.

Safety frame -
The ROPS safety frame a standard feature like the tinted plexiglass canopy - is a four post structure which really protects the operator, for instance when driving backward and accidentally hitting an obstacle. The ROPS frame and the optional FOPS canopy are tested and certified and comply with the relevant ISO standards.

Telescopic boom -
The telescopic loader boom is an essential part of the great stability. The boom design allows you to keep the boom retracted and the load as close to the machine as possible, simply to be extended only when required.

Load sensor -
The load sensor comes as standard in the AVANT 640 series. Audible warning signals are heard if the rear wheels are about to lift off of the ground, warning the operator immediately should he, for example, inadvertently move the load away from the machine with the telescopic boom.

Avant Cab options-

Avant cab L
This is an excellent and economical choice when the operator wants to have protection against rain, wind and snowfall. It improves operator comfort and working conditions considerably. The cab mounts on the standard ROPS frame, which means safety is guaranteed. It consists of windscreen (equipped with wiper), right side window, zip up vinyl door and rear window.

The LX provides the option of a heated cab. The cab LX has all the features of cab L and, in addition, is equipped with a door and a heater, which further improve operator comfort in harsh weather conditions. And for warmer seasons the door and windows can easily be removed if required.
The optional headlight, blinker, reflector + beacon kit can be installed both on cab L and LX.

Avant cab DLX-
The starting point of the design of the new DLX cab was to further improve the ergonomics and driver’s working conditions. The DLX cab is designed to provide best possible working conditions also in the roughest environments, from hot to cold temperatures, and from rain to sunshine. Improvements include more space inside the cab, larger windows and reduced noise levels. The much wanted option of air conditioning and air suspension seat are also now available for the new cab.

700 Series Specifications

  • Kohler KDI 1903 TCR, 57 hp, 3-cyl diesel, US Tier 4 Final compliant
  • Hydrostatic direct four wheel drive with four drive motors, 2-speed - up to 18 MPH
  • Hydraulically pilot operated variable displacement driver pump
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Aux hydraulics: 2 pumps, max. 21.1 GPM
  • Hydraulic multi connector
  • Joystick, 8 function ( standard )
  • ROPS safety frame, w/ FOPS canopy ( cab options available )
  • Heated suspension seat, with arm rests and seat belt
  • Drive release valve ( differential lock )
  • Toggle switched, hydraulic parking brake
  • Telescopic boom
  • Self leveling hydraulic boom
  • Integrated rear weight, 375 lbs. ( extra weight kits available )
  • 2 front headlights, back-up warning beeper
  • 400/15-15 Tractor tread tires or 31/15.5-15 Turf tire