Snow Removal Made Easy

Snow Removal Made Easy with Simplicity Snow Blowers


Are you dreading the long winter months and the long hours of shoveling snow in the cold? Are you frustrated with an old snow blower that won’t start most of the time or is constantly clogging? Simplicity snow blowers are the answer to your snow removal problems.

Simplicity Snow Blowers Benefits

Simplicity snow blowers all have the Briggs and Stratton Snow Series Engines that are guaranteed to start down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The recoil system is specially designed to keep the snow and ice out of the recoil area.

The mufflers are specially coated, with some models featuring aluminum mufflers to protect them from rusting prematurely. The controls are oversized for use with gloves. And the standard electric start makes the starting process much easier. These engines are proven snow removal performers and have been used for years to power the Simplicity snow blowers.

Simplicity Snow Blower Models

The Simplicity snow blowers offer five different models, all of which or 22 inches wide, to help with your snow removal needs. The base unit is a simple single stage with a recoil start. The next ones add features such as electric start, remote chute rotation, serrated snow shredding auger, and more. These blowers are specifically designed for light to medium snowfall and small driveways.

The higher-end models are all dual stage snow blowers. This means that instead of the auger doing the blowing the snow is brought into a fan and then blown out. This system is a little more aggressive and prevents clogging because of direct blowing force from the fan.

Simplicity has three series in their dual-stage lineup. The three are Select, Signature, and Signature Pro. The medium duty is designed for up to moderate snowfall. They have 24”, 27” and 30” options. The Signature and the Signature Pro range from 24” to 38” and will make short work of heavy snow, as well as medium to large driveways.

The dual-stage blowers also feature heated hand grips, easy turning, and headlights. The Signature and Signature Pro have a cast-iron gearbox as compared to the aluminum gearbox on the Select dual-stage. Simplicity snow blowers all come with a 3-year consumer and one-year commercial warranty.

Ready to Get Your Simplicity Snow Blower?

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